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Screen & Diagnose Opioid and Other Drug Dependencies [O.D.D.S.] early
Get the right help on time

Start the Screening Tool for High risk Opioid and Related drug users [THOR]

Crisis in USA

Wondering if you are at risk of opioid abuse?

You might be asking yourself, “Am I addicted to medications or drugs? Do I have a drug abuse problem?

Our simple self-test is intended to help you determine if you might need to find out more about substance abuse and substance addiction. The questions are to help you review the role that drugs plays in your life.

Crisis in USA

The Opioid Epidemic by Numbers

According to HHS, on average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose nationally. In Missouri alone, the total economic cost in year 2016 was $12.6 billion. Overdose deaths account for 96% of the total economic burden.

The staggering economic cost to Missouri is equivalent to about $1.4 million per hour, about $24,000 per minute and about $399 per second. In total, Missouri’s annual burden from the opioid crisis exceeds the economic activity generated by the agriculture, mining and utilities sectors combined.

Crisis in USA

Road Ahead

    Help understand Opioid Epidemic, its impact on youths and adults nationally

    Use technology for self screening of risk behaviors at early phase

    Help understand warning signs

    Provide overdose education and avenues of getting right help on time

Our Mission and Goal- Save Lives

Every Life lost to Opioids is one too many.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce opioid overdose deaths. We are striving to bring attention to the seriousness of Opioid Addiction and Use Disorder, especially among young adults and youths. Our efforts are directed towards bringing resources and avenues of help in one place, making it easy for people touched with Opioids Addiction and Use Disorder to use the guidance and help that is available to them- both here and beyond. 

Our Aim

    Encourage sobriety
    Help get right help, early
    Provide knowledge on how to help others who struggle with opioid addictions
    Promote community education with focus on youths
    Empower providers with educational resources

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